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The powerful app that streamlines device management for all your mobile devices. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual tracking and monitoring, and hello to seamless and effortless control.

Track Device Location

Real-time device tracking to prevent loss or theft

Monitor Your Network

Ensures access control to prevent non-work-related activities

Track Device Battery

Streamlines mobile device management for small businesses

Managing multiple mobile devices can be a nightmare

for small business owners...

Without proper organization and tracking, it's easy for devices to get lost or stolen, leaving sensitive data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And even if you do manage to keep track of all your devices, manually updating and managing each one is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Plus, without access control, employees may use their devices for non-work-related activities, leading to decreased productivity and potential security risks.

Our app makes it easy to track, and manage, all your business's mobile devices from one central location.

You can set access controls to ensure employees only use their devices for work-related activities, and track devices in real-time to prevent loss or theft.

Plus, our app makes it simple to update and manage multiple devices at once, saving you time and hassle. Don't let mobile device management be a pain point for your business any longer.

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